Snell’s law also known as the law of refraction, it is a formula used to describe the relationship between angles of incidence andrefraction when light rays are incident to a boundary between two differentmediums, like plastic and air. From Snell’s law, an optical phenomenon calledtotal internal reflection could be derived: when light rays travel from amedium with a higher refractive index to one with a lower refractive index, ifangle of incidence is larger than the critical angle, light rays will becompletely reflected by the boundary. In the product design scope, light guidesare designed base on this phenomenon. A light guide is a device used totransport light from a light source to a point at some distance with minimal loss;it is widely used in different types of products, from consumer electronics toautomotive components. Snell’s law help designers to predict the path of light raysinto, through and out of a light guide and optimize the light guide design .......

  最后再总结一下: In general..... 通过大学的课程,我对这些知识有了理论上的了解,通过毕业后的工作中,我加深了对这些知识的理解和运用......


  对于数学,数值分析,统计学及计算机和信息科学的理解 数学可以说是一切自然科学的基础,机械、工程类的主要的工作之一就是与数学和专业计算机应用打交道。这一要点的写作方式与第一要点一样,开始综述,提出你准备说明的几个概念,比如我选的:算数与代数,几何,微积分,微分方程,概率与统计。 下来罗列一下你是通过大学中的哪些课程学习的这些知识。 进入正式阐述。阐述你对这些概念的理解和其在你工作中的运用。例子:

    Geometry. Descriptive geometry is a branchof geometry which allows describing a three-dimensional object in two dimensionsby using specific methods, such as multiple-plane projection. It is the basicof mechanical drawing. I learned this concept in engineering drawing coursesand did lots of practice. All drawings of my graduation projects were built byme manually by following descriptive geometry rules. In the practical work, computer-aideddesign has totally replaced hand-drawing and it also make it possible tomanufacture products without drawings, but drawings are still widely used indesign and manufacturing industry. Building 2D drawings of components andassemblies is still an essential output of my current design work.

  有人可能会说了,在我的实际工作中,我没有用到复杂的数学计算怎么办啊,如微积分啊,微分方程啊等等,那怎么写啊?仔细想想,真的没有用到嘛?没有直接用而已,计算机软件帮你完成了,各种设计软件,有限元分析软件,都运用了这些数学原理啊,所以可以写。 例子:

    Differential equations. Same with calculus,I do not deal with differential equations directly in my daily work, but thisconcept is essential for new products design and development. Differentialequation is an important tool for solving many complex physical problems, whilefinite element method (FEM) is often used to solve differential equations, so FEM software is widely used in engineering field. As far as my work is concerned,plastic injection moulding simulation software is the most frequent used FEM tool,such as Moldflow. This type of software could dynamic simulate the maininjection moulding process of plastic parts and output many useful information,like filling time, filling pressure, stress distribution, warpage value inthree direction and so on. Engineers should optimize components design accordingto simulation results 最后再总结一下,和之前同样的套路,换个说法, To conclude……..


  系统的,基于理论的对在你的特定专业基本知识的理解 这一要点是考察你的专业知识这一块的,同样的开始是综述,提出你要阐述的专业知识点,比如,我选取了和我工作紧密相关的三个知识点:静力学和动力学,固体力学中的应力和材料特性,例子:

    Among these core areas of engineering fundamentals knowledge, statics and dynamics,solid mechanics, and material properties are the main concepts that related to my products design and development work. I have laid solid foundation for theseareas by studying courses listed as follows: 罗列你通过那些课程学习了这些知识。 正式阐述,写法与前面保持一致。 最后再来一个总结,同前面的套路。


  为公认的工程实践领域提供理论框架和知识体系的专业知识,很多都处于该学科的最前沿 这个要点主要涉及到你实际工作中所要用到的专业知识,这些知识可以是你在本科学习时学到的,也可以是工作后通过日常工作学到的。相对于之前的三个要点,第四个要点描述的应该是紧密结合你的日常工作的知识。 综述,提出你将要阐述的几个方面,比如,我选了三个与我日常工作紧密相关的方面:

    structural engineering, plasticcomponents design, computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering(CAE). 罗列你通过那些课程学习了这些知识。 正式阐述,例子: plastic components design. Because of theirexcellent properties, plastics are widely used in the modern industry, from machinesin factories to consumer electronics used by people every day. More than halfof my working hours are spent on plastic components design. The properties ofplastics are much different with properties of metals, so plastic components designneeds to follow specific guidelines. Part application, manufacturing processand material are the three main factors that affect part designFunction of part. Plastic components could be divided to twocategories according to their function. One is………………….Manufacturing process. Blow moulding and injection moulding are thetwo main manufacturing methods of plastic components………Material. Choosing right material for each component is crucial in productsdesign and development…………

  最后再来一个总结,同前面的套路 相对于之前的三个要点,第四个要点因为紧扣工作,所以有的放矢,可以多说一些。


  支持工程设计的知识 第四个要点阐述了工作中运动到的专业知识,第五个要点可以把重点放在支持工程设计的一些辅助性知识方面,比如:产品设计流程, 产品设计准则,design for safety, design for manufacturing, mistake proofing design, 影响产品设计的零件的生产制造流程等等。对大多数人来说,这些知识绝大多数都是在工作中学习到的,因此可以不罗列课程,当然如果有也可以列出来。 同样的首先是综述,提出你想要阐述的知识点。 接下来是正式阐述,对每个知识点详细解释,可以多讲一些,比如设计流程就可以把整个流程描述一下。 最后总结......

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